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Best Instant Coffee Brands

Best Instant Coffee Brands

Dena Haines listed Giraldo Farms as one of the Best Instant Coffee Brand.

1. Waka Coffee. This instant coffee is a Colombian coffee that has smooth citrus flavor notes. I love it as an iced coffee.

They also send 4% of each sale to help bring clean water to developing nations.

2. Sudden Coffee. With Sudden Coffee you have a choice of a medium roast (with flavor notes like fresh melon and chocolate) and a light roast (with flavor notes like cantaloupe and ginger).

They use single-origin beans and don't use any additives.

3. Mount Hagen. This quality instant coffee is fairtrade, organic and kosher certified.

The flavor is described as rich, spicy, complex, slightly sweet and smooth.

4. Giraldo Farms. This is a 100% Colombian coffee that has an organic option and comes in regular and some flavor options (like vanilla, hazelnut) along with a decaf option.


Article reposted with permission from EnjoyJava. Read the full article here.

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