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Colombia, Third largest coffee-producing country

Colombia, Third largest coffee-producing country

Known for its colorful terrain, Colombia is a diverse country that boasts breathtaking natural wonders and contemporary culture. Warm climate, historic architecture, rare species of plants and animals, and sweeping coffee plantations are just few of the many features of this awe-inspiring country.  With its capital nestled in the majestic Andean peaks, Colombia offers stunning tropical landscapes, deep green forests and snow-capped mountains that allure visitors worldwide.  This enchanted destination is truly home to diverse cultures while it offers a unique tradition.

The people of Colombia display an incredible passion for life and living.  Their boundless enthusiasm, charm, and happiness is as contagious as the scenery is beautiful.  Society places a strong focus on unity and is highly family-oriented.  Not surprisingly, dance and celebration are enjoyed by this joyous culture, along with an appreciation for art, literature, and music. Traditional dress includes energetic, vibrant colors similar to the mannerisms of the native people.  The people of Colombia enjoy a wide variety of tasty tropical  foods, with plantains and spice being the popular ingredients of many dishes. Colombians are clearly proud of their culture and that pride emanates in their daily exchanges.

Colombian life is relaxed yet focused.  While urban areas move at a comfortable pace, life in the outskirts is quiet, tranquil and peaceful.  Traditions have mostly originated from Spain, blending with native customs and African imports.  As the country continues to modernize and evolve, the Catholic church remains highly influential and impactful in most areas of the culture.

One of the most prominent features of Colombia is the love for coffee as its history is closed tied to their coffee industry.  Coffee growing and production is an important part of the nation’s identity and has gained worldwide fame.  Few countries in the world can compete in the amount and quality of coffee produced in Colombia. The coffee of Colombia is unique due to its growth and production on family-run farms and small plots.  Amazingly, there are roughly 500,000 families working long hours to bring us tasty well-balanced coffee beans.  Perhaps due to the deep sense of family in the culture, loved ones typically work side-by-side on farms.  Coffee farms are commonly owned and operated by the same family for many generations. Small farms collaborate with incredible effort to meet the world’s demand for tasty coffee as farmers strive to carry on the cultural tradition of coffee production.  The strong sense of pride that goes into coffee production is apparent in each savory sip.

So what exactly makes Colombian coffee so delicious and celebrated?  Colombia has the perfect geography for growing coffee beans due to ideal conditions, climate, and soil.  Coffee beans thrive in areas with significant rainfall.  The combination of high rainfall, sunshine, tropical areas, mild climate, and mountainous terrain are ideal for coffee production.  Furthermore, each region provides a different coffee taste.  The differences in soil and altitude are responsible for the distinct flavor in each of the main regions.

Is all coffee the same?  If not, what is the difference?  The coffee plant, an evergreen shrub, is classified under the species Coffea.  Though there are several different types and forms of Coffea, the finest quality is the Arabica bean. When considering quality and distinction, the Arabica bean is considered superior.  Known for being less caffeinated and acidic than other beans, it claims a lighter, sweeter flavor.  These factors play an important part not only in the taste, but the aroma and body of the coffee.  Worldwide, Colombia is the largest and most influential producer of mild Arabica coffee.  Since Colombia produces 100% Arabica beans and invests in the careful harvesting of each bean, one is guaranteed to indulge in a pleasurable experience in every cup.  It is no wonder why we at Giraldo Farms can offer the best instant Colombian coffee!

Colombia, esteemed by its spectacular scenery, strong cultural background, and world recognized coffee production offers a unique blend of beauty and taste that is difficult to resist.