Andrea Giraldo
President Co-founder

Andrea Giraldo a native New Yorker, made her first of many trips to the coffee heartland of Colombia when she was only eight days old. Yes, Andrea went from the hospital to the airport with passport and all, she arrived to what life would bring her back again and again, and during many years of her life chose to live in the high mountains of the Andes. It was from growing up in this bi-lingual/bi-cultural experience that she learned to appreciate first hand how the economy of one region would evolve from the farming solely of coffee. After being harassed Andrea and her family decided to come to New York, and restart their lives. It is here where her love and passion for the country that adopter her, from her countless vacations on the various family coffee farms that she decides to share with the world the best Colombia has to offer.

Andres Arango

Andres Arango started at an early age when by sixteen he was assisting between his school work and selling coffee beans from his family farm to a local trader. Later in life Andres would go on to obtain a bachelors degree in Agronomist Engineering, that would enable him to provide technical assistance to over 1,500 coffee farmers, from micro-farmers to larger scale farms, he has also personally managed a single farm of over 1,500 acres of coffee crops which is recognized as the farm with most tradition in the region. Andres knows about soil protection and conservation, interpretation of soil analysis, the use of ecological safe wet coffee process. his coffee career spans over three decades holding a wide array of positions within the field. Today this Colombian native resides in New York where he arrives after fleeing Colombia with his family. With the one dream of offering Americans a good true cup of coffee.